May 18, 2007

I'm glad that I'm not a registered Republican

It saves me the trouble of having to re-register under a different party affiliation.

I was so pissed off last night that I everything I thought about posting consisted entirely of Amanda Marcotte type Tourettes style posts:


Then I waited a while, thought about it some more and became even more incensed. Ace succinctly states what I've been thinking:

Whichever. I'm not voting for anyone supporting this sell-out, and no, I am no longer worried by the threat of a Hillary! or Obama presidency enough to carry the water for the Republican Party. We've done the go-along-to-get-along thing for years, and it has earned us merely greater contempt and scorn and nonresponsiveness from our "leaders."

That's it for me. I don't give a fuck if Hillary is President. At least if a Democrat is pursuing liberal policies I don't like, I'm not responsible for that, and the conservative movement isn't damaged further by acquiescing to them.

If our Republican congressmen and President are carrying out the Democrats' agenda anyway, I say give the keys of government to the Democrats so that at least they'll be responsible for the consequences.

Sometimes a party needs to be brought to the brink of extinction before it changes its policies. After six years of Bush and the godawful overspending Republican Congresses, I think that time is just about now.

Kim du Toit, someone who I respect a great deal has long railed against people who want to teach the GOP a lesson. His point is that you never give control of the government to Socialists. Here's where I think that he misses the point: the GOP leaders are socialists, just a small-s version instead of the big-S version that the Democrats represent. Continually supporting the slightly less liberal Republicans over the Democrats because "the Democrats are worse" is completely the wrong attitude. In fact, supporting the GOP when its leaders are forcing its nominal base to drop trou, bend over and beg for more only emboldens the Republicans to do whatever the fuck they want, which always entails more spending, more government control and more ass-fucking of the the voting base. I waited my entire life for the Republicans to control the House, Senate and presidency at the same time, and all I got was more spending, less border control and more Democrat-style programs. So tell me again why I shouldn't entertain the thought of giving the Republican leadership the finger?

Vox Day made the point during Bush's first term that he thought George Delano™ would do more damage to the Republican party and conservatives than any Democrat could do. It turns out that he was entirely correct.

Update: From Vox:

When Hillary gets elected, I'll be the one pointing and laughing at all of your sad Three Monkey faces. Nice work losing the House and Senate, you politically astute "pragmatists". Well done putting the Lizard Queen on the Cherry Blossom Throne, all you "he's only doing it in order to unveil his double-secret super-conservative plan to save the nation" voters.

Maybe you will all finally see and hear some evil once your party finishes its third trip to the guillotine. I know you'll certainly be speaking plenty of it.
Bush is such a disaster, the Democrats don't even want to impeach him anymore. But after the 2008 elections, I bet there will be a lot of ex-Republicans who will wish they had.

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1 Socialist? I don't see how deregulating immigration slightly can be considered socialist.

Posted by: Joseph Hertzlinger at May 19, 2007 09:47 PM (N9APd)

2 I was beginning to be worried about the electronic voting machines getting hacked and allowing the co-opting of the electoral process but then I remembered the majority know-nothings don't even vote. Hacking isn't necessary when you do what you want, regardless. I guess I'll become one too unless a third party canididate emerges. But wait, Pat buchanan tried that and was "eliminated" by the "two-party" system. I've been a Democrat, Republican then a Reform party member. Constitution party anyone? Oh... wait... more news on Anna Nicole! Gotta go.

Posted by: Mike at May 21, 2007 07:28 AM (wD6Ds)

3 Hmm, Let's see... how could deregulating immigration slightly can be considered socialist? Maybe because the illegals that will be granted AMNESTY WILL VOTE FOR THE SOCIALISTS!!! Thank Congress and this pathetic excuse for a Republican president for driving the death knell of this once great country.

Posted by: Ocean Dog at May 21, 2007 09:16 AM (aQCk8)

4 Dog, this is still a great country, the greatest that the world has ever known. We just have a mountain of work in front of us to clear through before we step off our current plateau and up to the next level. I don't advise the blissful ignorance preached by the tolerant, but rather a guided caution that one cannot maintain a plateau in performance for long -- one must either break through to the upside, or dwindle in decay due to stagnation. What better place than here? What better time than now?

Posted by: Cool Breeze at May 21, 2007 04:17 PM (UO4fZ)

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