April 14, 2006

I think that I've found Comedhimmi Central's business partner

And it's the entire country of England. Excerpt:

When asked about his play on the last day at Augusta, Woods replied: "I putted atrociously today. Once I got on the greens, I was a spaz."

In several countries, "spaz" is an offensive term for people affected with spastic paralysis, a form of cerebral palsy.

Britain-based disability organization Scope, formerly The Spastics Society, said of Woods's comments: "Once again, Tiger Woods demonstrates that we are two nations divided by a common language. "

I submit that Scope is populated by wool-headed wankers whose sole purpose in life is to search for every possible insult-

"Look, he said 'Spaz'!"

"Uh, that was a grunt in Swahili that means 'my penis is a dripping pustule'".

"He insulted me. Make him apologize!!!!"

- that will allow them to run around like monkeys in a zoo, screeching at the top of their lungs and flinging poo at people passing by. Screech away, my little dipshits.

Update: The Emperor puts it a little more succinctly:

Shut up. Just shut. the. fuck. UP!

If the best thing you dickheaded retards can find to occupy your time with is running around demanding apologies because someone, somewhere, might possibly have gotten offended, then we’d appreciate it very much if you’d just get in your cars, run a hose from the exhaust through a window and start playing with the gas pedal.

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1 Like I said, what should we expect from people who refer to their cigarettes as "fags"??

Posted by: caltechgirl at April 14, 2006 02:20 PM (jOkK0)

2 It amazes me whenever I see something so stupid.

Posted by: vw bug at April 15, 2006 11:25 AM (0LvyK)

3 Terms like spaz, mong and mongel were words I grew up with in the seventies. I hadn't heard the term for decades and thought we'd grown out of it. I didn't think that many people would have known what it meant (but they do now thanks to the media and, in part, the organisation you mentioned, though I can understand their reasons).It's just the usual storm in a teacup, not because of what was said, but because of who said it and when.

Posted by: aeowolf at April 22, 2006 10:57 AM (vkuTm)

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