October 10, 2005

For what it's worth

I just received a comment to a post of mine by a lefty bemoaning how un-funny conservatives are, and wondering why the only comedians are on the left. Okay, I'll wait while you catch your breath; my sides still hurt from laughing.

I'll grant you that - in print- I'm not a laugh riot, but claiming that conservatives aren't funny, while simultaneously stating that the left is the sole repository of humor, defies belief. I give you the following:

On the right
Protein Wisdom
Hog On Ice

On the left
Daily Kos
Shakespeare's sister
Oliver Willis
(Sorry, no links to the dipshit gallery)

If this were baseball, they'd have implemented the slaugher rule before it began. Some of my leftist friends are funny, funny guys, but by and large, the vast majority of lefties are humorless, ill-mannered twits, whose only source of amusement seems to be saying "Chimpy BusHitler...BWAHAHA!" as if it's best joke ever, and who believe, lack of evidence notwithstanding, that Al Franken is actually amusing. He once was, of course, but now he's just boring.

It's a bummer that I can't classify my commenter as a troll, because it was a fairly polite, if off the reservation insane. I look forward to more moonbattery in the future; I need the occassional laugh.

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1 A lefty with a good sense of humor: http://www.web-ho.com/blog/ Linus of Pepper of the Earth. He rarely blogs on politics, and he has a habit of making me giggle from time to time.

Posted by: Harvey at October 12, 2005 04:35 PM (ubhj8)

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