April 24, 2006

Bark! Bark! Bark! Owwooooo!

Well, well, well. I've received various responses to one of my posts that have, on occasion, been a tad out there. However, I feel that I've finally arrived: I just got my first raving, anti-Semitic, frothing moonbat response. Not to be confused with non-anti-Semitic frothing moonbat. Anyway, I've adjusted the comments to reflect what he/she really meant to say. However, I couldn't resist the temptation to reveal what this oozing pustule on the ass of humanity had to say. Let's examine the comment line by stark raving batshit crazy line:

The comment justifying the stance of Israel is ridiculous. Israelis have become biggest destroyers of humanity..they are repeating Nazis have done to them

What was the comment to which this brain donor referred? Perhaps this one:

1) Israel peacefully coexists with its frothing mad neighbors

2) Said neighbors kill a buttload of Israelis

3) Israel kills the people responsible

4) The world condemns Israel's action as not helping the peace process

5) Repeat ad nauseum

Why yes, I can how the idea that a country that only wants peace might actually take issue with the murder of its citizens could make you mad. And the Nazi reference just gives the whole construct some panache. But let's continue with our peace lover:

When i read about the fucking cruelty which they show to palestinians today, i feel that Nazis should have burned all of them alive at that time itself, so that the world would have been better.

Wow. I wonder if this most civilized of commenters hies from Europe, considering that that is the prevailing opinion over there. I'm certain that if a nuke wiped out Israel, a few of our self-styled betters would wipe a tear from their cheeks before continuing their slide into the abtss. Most, though, would probably celebrate for weeks on end because "that shitty little country" would no longer bother their collective consciences which, of course, are underdeveloped.

Here's an FYI to any other people who feel tempted to post anti-Semitic claptrap on this my blog: don't. I reserve the right to censor you, ban you, fuck with your comment in general. I do not tolerate your kind here. Now go fuck yourself.

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1 Wonder if it's significant that yon troll doesn't capitalize the word "i"? Or am I just psychologizing?

Posted by: Harvey at April 26, 2006 06:52 AM (L7a63)

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