October 07, 2008

Something really important

Well, I know that many of you are worried about our imminent slide into a socialist country. Think of the bright side: for those of us who have wanted to visit France, electing a Marxist makes things easier. By taxing and spending the ever living crap out of us, we'll become France. No need to buy expensive plane tickets.

Anyway, too many of you are obsessing over November 4. I will admit to having done so on occasion myself. However, November 1 & 2 are much more important days in that The Legend of the Seeker kicks off. Here are some more images for you to compare to the images you had already conjured up in your brain.

kahlan fire.jpg

She's really starting to grow on me as Kahlan Amnell. Physically, I will admit to having thought of Jacqueline Collen. However, she's getting a little long in the tooth for this role. Not that I mind. She's still a total hottie.

This one is better suited to being a popup image. It's just so darned big.

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