May 16, 2007

Please God, no!

A Sex and the City movie?! Seriously? The reason that you make a movie from a TV show is to do, say and/or show things that the audience hasn't seen before. Absolutely none of that applies to the aforementioned show. Crap, I think that I'm more familiar with Kim Catrall's vaginia than her gynecologist. And what hanging storyline is there left to wrap up? SJP landed Mr. Big, Charlotte got her baby, the redhead was happily married and Catrall was happily boinking some guy who turned out gay on Brothers and Sisters. Maybe the studio thinks-wrongly- that everyone is dying to see another $40k spent on ugly ass shoes.

To be fair, I remember Kim's role as "Lassie" in Porky's quite fondly, I think that Kristin Davis is pretty hot and I've like Cynthia since The Manhattan Project. And moonbat that she is, I've always been fond of SJP's work. So if you really want my money, have the four of them go at it buck naked in a vat of Jello for and hour and a half. THAT might be worth parting with some money to see, but that's about it.

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