January 24, 2008

Sometimes, things change

Like, say, the production team for the show that booted you. In any event, looks like Paige Davis will be back on Trading Spaces. Excerpt:

"It's not something I ever would have considered," Davis told the Daily News during a break in production Friday. "My departure was very bad; it was a decision I didn't understand, why it had been made. I didn't understand why it was done in a harsh manner. I was pretty hurt by the people who were running TLC at the time."

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that getting smashed and shoving your hooters around in public may not be best public face. Not that I'm opposed to cute drunk women squeezing their boobs for me. Actually, it was only through the aid of the divine substance known as alcohol that any women would actually look at me in college. If any had shoved their breasts in my face, it would have been a bonus. Unrealistic and delusional of course, but still a bonus.

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