March 23, 2007

Looking for old HBO series

Back in 1994, HBO aired 13 episodes of a series called Hardcore TV. It contained some real oddities and unusual parodies such as:

1) a commercial for The Pubic Hair Club for Men

2) Fairytales From the Dark Side

3) a Bob Vila spoof where Bob and Norm spoke like they were from the hood

Anyway, I've spent some time trying to find old episodes, even ones on tape. Apparently HBO has not released, and does not plan to release these episodes on DVD. Ever. Also, I cannot find even bootleg copies on YouTube, Google video, or Bittorrent, which is a decent indication of how rare any copies must be.

My search is hampered a bit by the fact that there is or was, apparently, a wrestling showed called by the same name. Regardless, I'd lie to put my hands on copies of these episodes. If anyone has them, drop me a line. It would be appreciated.

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March 09, 2007

You dog

Dave at Garfield Ridge got to spend two days on the set of BSG. I believe that I speak for many scifi geeks when I offer him both my congratulations and my sincere hope that he get teleported to some distant planet populated by slavering beasts with a taste for humans.

Not that I'm jealous or anything.

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March 01, 2007

Eat me!

Because everyone loves commercials with people dressed up like food. Right? Regardless, the videos in this article are fairly amusing. I have to say that I agree completely with the description of the Domino's Fudgems at #6: a furry cube of feces.

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