October 04, 2008

More from the TV wayback machine

Back in 184, Joe Piscopo has a comedy special on HBO. There were pretty funny skits: one where he did an "HBO Sports" special, with Eddy Murphy as Carl Lewis; one where he spoofed the Thriller video as the Nutty Professor; and one in which he played the lead singer of the Deltones, who had a gig singing to a mob boss. I mentioned it to my a friend today; he had never seen it. Anyhoo, I headed over to YouTube, and darned if they didn't have the video up. Jim Treacher once remarked on one of his blogs (not the Puce, because that would have been unreadable) that "YouTube is going to destroy this country and I don't care". I happen to agree with him.

I'll embed the video below the fold so that it won't hang your browser while it loads:

Update: Well, well, what have we here? The other two videos that I just mentioned.

Ah, life is good. Really, really good.

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