April 10, 2007

up yours

I've mentioned before just how much I loathe cigarettes. However, what I despise even more are the nanny-state busybodies trying to control every portion of people's lives, especially when it relates to a legal substance. Case in point:

Anti-smoking groups have been pushing the MPAA to give any movie that shows smoking an automatic R rating.

According to the research of a group called "Smoke Free Movies", most PG-13 movies depict smoking, and that contributes to hundreds of thousands of kids taking up cigarettes.

The MPAA's new boss, Dan Glickman, sent a letter addressing the MPAA's concerns about smoking in movies and said the MPAA was turning to the Harvard School of Public Health for guidance. "My objective is to gain consensus among the member companies of MPAA on Harvard's pending recommendations, and then begin implementation," he said.

Dan, please feel free to go fuck yourself anytime that you feel like. Hopefully, you're feeling that way right now.

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1 Ya know, you'd think that they'd be satisfied with the fact that only damaged and troubled characters smoke nowadays. It used to be that sophisticated, well-dressed people smoked on screen all the time. And let's not even start about the smoking in the "I Love Lucy" series.

Posted by: Harvey at April 14, 2007 08:34 AM (L7a63)

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