April 03, 2008

Speaking of nuts

I linked to a woman who is clearly delusional and in need of serious medication yesterday. Today, I once again took the plunge and clicked on the blogroll link to Batshit CrazyBalloon Juice.

I know what you're thinking: why don't I visit more rational leftist sites like the Daily Kos or the DU? Well, to be fair, while those places are absolutely teeming with idiots, morons and assorted brain donors, they still fall far short of the over the top, sanctimonious, pretzel-twisting non-logic routinely employed by Mr. Cole. Also, it's kind of fun to watch his continued descent into the cesspool. Who knows? He might fall in headfirst and open his mouth to yell for help.

Anyway, the most recent funny typed by John Cole was, I'm sure, completely unintentional. He twice linked to Glenn Greenwald (or a Sock Puppet book) and use the appellation Glennzilla.

Yeah, I know. I'll give you a few minutes to compose yourself. The thought that any rational or honest person would give Lampchop such undeserved props is a sign of, well, I guess it only matters that Gleen hates Bush. And really, if you're only motivating factor on whether or not to agree with someone depends purely on how he/she emote towards a politician, you're really not worth talking about. Sure, you'll be good for the occasional point-and-laugh moment, but you might as well stop pretending that you're actually some sort of honest arbiter of the truth.

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