March 07, 2008

I is bloggging challenged

Recently, I opened up lots of tabs in Firefox of things I wanted to read and, potentially, comment on. A couple of those things were posts by Rachel Lucas. One of them really ticked me off and I typed a mini-rant about it. When I went to check later, I didn't see the comment. I figured that somehow I had pissed off Rachel enough to delete the comment. No problem, because it's her sandbox. I thought no more of it.

Then today, I decided to read the comments in a different post and-

You can already see where this is going, can't you?

-lo and behold, there was my comment in all of its profane glory, completely unrelated to the post under which it appears. It makes me look like I suffer from some severe sort of blogging Tourette's Syndrome. No one commented on the incongruity of the comment in relation to the post because, I suppose, no one wanted to make fun of someone so obviously borderline retarded.

Rachel, if you read this, the comment at 4:29 belongs in the post about Barack Obama's insane wife, not the one with the American Idol shemale.

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