May 05, 2006

Someone needs a thicker skin

Ben and Jerry's ice cream is pretty tasty stuff. I'm especially fond of a new a flavor that they make, Black and Tan. Any beer drinker in the US worth his/her salt is familiar with the Guinness/Bass combo beverage. As with anything these days, someone took offense. What's worse, in my opinion, is that Ben and Jerry's apologized. Excerpt:

Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's have apologized for causing offence by calling a new flavor "Black & Tan" -- the nickname of a notoriously violent British militia that operated during Ireland's war of independence.

The ice cream, available only in the United States, is based on an ale and stout drink of the same name.

"Any reference on our part to the British Army unit was absolutely unintentional and no ill-will was ever intended," said a Ben & Jerry's spokesman.

"Ben & Jerry's was built on the philosophies of peace and love," he added.

The Black and Tans, so-called because of their two-tone uniforms, were recruited in the early 1920s to bolster the ranks of the police force in Ireland as anti-British sentiment grew.

They quickly gained a reputation for brutality and mention of the militia still arouses strong feelings in Ireland.

"I can't believe that Ben & Jerry's would be so insensitive to call an ice cream such a name and to launch it as a celebration of Irishness ... it's an insult!" wrote one blogger on

Someone in Ireland got the vapors because a US ice cream manufacturer made an unintentional reference to some obscure group of British thugs. Holy crap, I can't believe that share some (distant)blood with these people.

Hat tip to the Real Beer Page blog.

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1 Heck, a while ago the Culvers chain was offering a flavor called "Pixie Thunder" It was white with brown flakes of chocolate. All I could think of was the "thunder pot" under Grandma's bed in Michigan before they got indoor plumbing.

Posted by: Frank Borger at May 06, 2006 08:22 AM (MVy+z)

2 Thanks. You've just put me off cold cereal for a month.

Posted by: physics geek at May 07, 2006 02:32 PM (ed4GZ)

3 Heh. When I read the first line of the quote, I thought it was going to be a complaint by "people of color" :-)

Posted by: Harvey at May 11, 2006 11:08 AM (L7a63)

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