October 13, 2008

My liver is in open revolt

And my kidneys have decided to vacation on the French Riviera to recuperate from this past weekend's trip to the GABF. On the plus side, the ache in my feet has subsided and the foul emissions of methane (prompted by lots of cask conditioned ales plus lots and lots of greasy food) have been reduced to a point where coworkers in neighboring cubes have stopped clawing at their throats and faces.

Lots of pictures and commentary to post in the near future. To whet your appetite, or kill it as the case may be, I'll leave you with this shot of me. While I truly have a face for radio, I will offer the defense that I was sleep deprived and alcohol, well, whatever the opposite of deprived is. Picture below the fold, for those of you with strong stomachs.

gabf 2935425979_102727ab52.jpg

Update: In case you're curious as to why the photos are in B&W, it's because of the FUBARed lighting in the Convention Center. I thought it was simply my cheap ass camera, but my friend has a much nicer camera and stuff still looked grotesquely yellow. Close pictures using a flash turned out okay, but anything using ambient light looked like a jaundice sufferer's hallucination.

And just to get you in the mood, here's one more photo:

gabf 2936313604_f229d71c4f.jpg

Observant readers will have noticed the beer holder belt buckle on display in the image above. Yes, it looks like you're holding your beer with your junk, but that's only because you are.

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1 Hey, that photographer is some kinda Ansel Adams...or is it Gomez Adams? More free pics at that free photo posting site. Sadly, the feedback editor finds the name of the site "questionable content", so cut & paste the site below, remove the capital E & hit enter: www.flickEr.com/photos/plancon/

Posted by: New Meat at October 13, 2008 06:23 PM (/rf/E)

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