June 19, 2006

American Beer month is almost here

But the party has begun early. Join in the celebration by celebrating Wheat Beer Week. And here is a list of some foods that go well with wheat beers:

The flavors of wheat beer go great with many foods, especially summertime fare. The classic pairing with spicy-fruity hefe-weizens is a bratwurst or a veal weisswurst, but it goes well with nearly any grilled or smoked food.

Try it with barbeque ribs, roasted vegetables or marinated pork chops. And speaking of grilling, American wheat ales are the perfect compliment to grilled fish, be it salmon, tuna or trout. Since it is summertime, don't forget the salads!

The clove-like accents of weizen make a perfect compliment to summer potato salad while wheat ales go great with a tangy, vinegar-based dressings. So for this weekend's cookout, try your favorite wheat beer with your own barbequed specialty.

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1 Looking at making a wheat soon. 'Cept I've moved into all grain and know nothing about mashing wheat. Any tips? I'd hate to have to revert to extract.

Posted by: Robb Allen at June 19, 2006 12:43 PM (9tUNz)

2 About 50% of your grain bill has to come from barley, or some grain with the appropriate enzymes. Other than that, mashing wheat with barley isn't any different from mashing barley alone. Hmmm. Let me ponder on the topic and I will devote a post entirely to mashing wheat and barley together.

Posted by: physics geek at June 20, 2006 09:02 AM (Xvrs7)

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