March 11, 2009

Weapons grade stupid

I've been a long time reader of Batshit Crazy Balloon Juice. His turn left never bothered me. My lefty friends and family members are still my friends and family members. In the grand scheme of things, politics isn't life. Sure, politicians might-probably will, in fact- shit in a bowl and tell you it's yummy Frosted Flakes, but disagreement and arguing about politics can be fun.

However. Cole has ceased to be a person with a functioning brain, or any sense of consistency. If a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, Mr. Cole has the most colossal brain of all time. Whereas Cole used to think things through, bashing Republicans and Democrats alike, he's now become more predictable than a DU commenter, less sane that your average Indymedia pundit and more idioticly rancerous than Howard Dean on horse steroids. In short, he's become a clown, and a bad one at that. All that's missing are the rubber nose and the big red shoes. Here are Cole's Rules for Posting:

1) Republicans suck!

2) Obama is so dreamy.

3) Everything bad that happens is the fault of the Repulicans.

4) Anything good, like finding out that belly lint tastes like licorice, is always, always because the Democrats fart cinnamon flavored rainbows.

5) All criticism of GOPers is sane and well deserved

6) Any criticism of Democrats is always beyond the pale, even if said Democrat was caught buggering a nun while robbing an orphanage.

7) And by the way, Republicans suck.


Crikey, even the Huffington Joke and DU occasionally visit the realm of sanity. Apparently, though, sanity is just another racist code word for RethugliKKKans.

Any readers of this blog-thanks to both of you- would have noticed that I'm not a Republican, but rather a libertarian leaning conservative.

"Racist! Hater! KKK!...."

Shut up, John. Go back and suck your thumb.

Anyway. I've been probably more critical of the GOP than most Democrats. However, despite my ocassional fits of pique, I'm almost never mistaken for a rabid Rottweiller hopped up on smack and gunpowder. This, of course, prevents me from finding much common ground with Mr. Cole these days.

I'll paraphrase what someone, I think it was Spoons, once said while referring to Sullivan: "I don't care that Cole has become a Democrat. I care that he's become a dick."

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