April 03, 2008

Release your inner geek

You know you want to. Maybe you're shy, or you're just starting to explore geekdom and you don't know where to start. How about 25 Great Geek Websites. Excerpt:

Geeks like us spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing the Web. We get our nerd news online, we converse with like-minded individuals online, we get ideas online, we learn about new products online, and so on. We live and breathe the mighty cloud.
Ars Technica
Though it's full of spot-on reviews, the best feature of ars technica is the daily technology news blog. Ars blends up-to-the-minute reporting with its own unique, informed blend of analysis. As far as tech news goes, Ars covers the entire spectrum; tabs along the top direct you to business IT, gaming, hardware, a new security section, and more.
Hack n Mod
When it comes to mods, hacking, and other off-the-beaten-path hardware wrangling, the Web is full of destinations. Possibly one of the finest is Hack n Mod, which is packed with tutorials and articles. The content isn't just limited to computers; a glance at the sections reveals hacks about free energy, lasers, robots, and most of the current game consoles. This is where to go for everything from LED mods to building a pneumatic pirate cannon.
Coding Horror
Jeff Atwood keeps a blog of some of the most ridiculous, unpredictable, and hilarious programming gaffs ever. Riffing on everything from the true use of the middle mouse button to why registration keys suck, Atwood writes with wit and grace—often brimming with biting satire. This blog is a must for every coder, and anyone remotely interested in or connected to computer programming.

Okay, I'll admit this isn't as exciting as the Internet pr0n that MKH talks about on O'Reilly and there's no beautiful woman. Wait a sec, I think that I can fix that last part.

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