March 14, 2007

The club of the state

I have no problem with the compact flourescent bulbs. In fact, as my reading lamps burn out, I'm replacing them one by one with CFBs. However, I've got several light fixtures, including the kitchen table chandelier, that use clear incandescent bulbs. I could shove CFBs into it, but they'd look ugly and retarded. However, if some self-important dickhead busybodies get their way, I won't have a choice soon. Excerpt:

A coalition of industrialists, environmentalists and energy specialists is banding together to try to eliminate the incandescent light bulb in about 10 years.

In an agreement to be announced Wednesday, the coalition members, including Philips Lighting, the largest manufacturer; the Natural Resources Defense Council; and two efficiency organizations, are pledging to press for efficiency standards at the local, state and federal levels. The standards would phase out the ordinary screw-in bulb, technology that arose around the time of the telegraph and the steam locomotive, and replace it with compact fluorescents, light-emitting diodes, halogen devices and other technologies that may emerge.

Compact fluorescents are three times as efficient as old-fashioned bulbs, and light-emitting diodes six times as efficient. These also last much longer. But while they cost much less to run, they are more expensive to purchase, and getting home users to change the bulbs in the estimated four billion sockets in the United States would probably require eliminating the choice.

So you're eliminating my choice of which bulb I choose to use? Lucky for me, I guess, that I have a veritable plethora of ways in which to kick your sorry ass.

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1 I hate the fluorescents we put in our house. They take forever (in old-style bulb years) to warm up, even the 'warmest' colors give everything in the room the same shade of pale blue you expect from dead people, and they flicker. And of course Phillips is in the gig - they stand to make a *killing* when you're forced to buy something you don't want. Don't lie t0 (sorry for the 0, but i.e.t.o scares your spam filter) yourself, the big companies fear the free market just as much as the government.

Posted by: Robb Allen at March 14, 2007 03:02 PM (eq5YN)

2 ...the big companies fear the free market just as much as the government. Completely correct. However, I will state that the soft white CFBs aren't hard on the eyes. Damned expensive, though.

Posted by: physics geek at March 14, 2007 03:12 PM (KqeHJ)

3 My only problem with the compact flourescents is that they can't be used with dimmers, otherwise they'd end up everywhere in my house.

Posted by: wheels at March 16, 2007 09:46 PM (q68Ro)

4 You know when Freon was banned, one of the companies clamoring for the ban was DuPont. Why, you ask, would the company that held the patent on freon try to get it banned? Turns out the patent was expiring and DuPont held the patent on the replacement. Hmmmm....

Posted by: keith at March 19, 2007 12:56 PM (otsZj)

5 Crikey. Maybe I need to patent Newton's First Law, as I'll wager he wasn't wise enough to do so himself. Then every couch potato in the country would have to pay me for the right to remain sedentary.

Posted by: physics geek at March 19, 2007 01:23 PM (KqeHJ)

6 I think they're a great idea for outdoor light fixtures, but they look too sterile for indoor use. What I'd like to see instead is a nation-wide bill to remove the old sodium & mercury vapor street lights & replace them with the less light polluting "flat" lamps that they install in the newer developements.

Posted by: AlanABQ at March 19, 2007 01:39 PM (HlETy)

7 Correct me if I'm wrong,but floresent light fixtures carry mercury.When mixed with protons(electricity) it turns to a gas and produces light(basicly it glows)thats why on cold mornings it takes awhile for them to work.(sorry Bill Nye if my science is a little crude)So my question is Mercury is bad for the envirement and humans,so if we are forced to use them how praytell do we dispose of these items?Oh wait I'm sure the Gov.will issue a TAX on all users that will supposedly be used to "safely and I'm suuureee enviremently friendly way to dispose of these Items thus driving up the cost to around $60 a bulb.So most people will only be able to have 1 or two in thier house.Oh I'm sure Al Gore"s company will come up with new fake feel good mercury offset certificates for his newfound loves in hollywood.But us peasants should just shut up,huddle around our one bulb and be thankfull that Al Gore and the left tolerates our worthless excistence.This old trucker ain't buying this drival.

Posted by: rofish at March 20, 2007 05:35 AM (BhzYL)

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